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Why Canadian Pharmacies Want to Sell Medical Marijuana

Cannabis could become a battleground between Canadian pharmacies and licensed medical marijuana growers. On Apr. 7, the Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA) – a group representing individual pharmacists across the country – called on the federal government to let pharmacists take the lead on managing and


Testing for Chemicals in Medical Marijuana

If you receive medicinal marijuana through a licensed producer in Canada, the product will have been tested for its chemical make-up and to identify the compounds that are present in the product. But if you are purchasing product through a compassion club or a dispensary,


A Look Inside Mettrum, A Medical Cannabis Producer

Legalization of cannabis in Canada has sparked the eager attention of medicinal and recreational users nationwide. For those opposing this evolution, their losing battle is confirmed daily as additional scientific evidence is released showcasing the positive health benefits of cannabis. Those who are less aware