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MarijuanaForCanada.ca is a division of GreenBank Capital Inc (CSE:GBC) and is seeking to be the premier ‘go-to” website for the marijuana space. We provide general information about the marijuana plant and its medicinal attributes, the latest medical marijuana news,  information on how to find a grower and how to find a doctor who will prescribe medical marijuana. We offer a section for investors interested in Canadian medical marijuana public companies, a section for marijuana literature  and section to ask questions of our resident expert Dr Stefan Hulea.

General Information


If you are a Canadian citizen, you can legally obtain your medication by registering your medical document with a Licensed Producer that is authorized by Health Canada’s Medical for Marijuana Purposes Regulations (MMPR).
Marijuana has been found valuable in the treatment of many illnesses and conditions throughout history. Below is a non-comprehensive list of the benefits patients have experiences from marijuana.

Regulations on Medical Marijuana are set by the Government of Canada. The best and most accurate information can be found in Health Canada’s Law Enforcement Issues..


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